Cutter rig

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Lucy currently has one sail forward of the mast, but I’m going to replace it with two smaller ones, which will make her a cutter like CY43 in the image above. My previous boat, Zephyr, was a cutter, and I became really fond of the benefits. Besides being far more aesthetically pleasing to look at, the cutter rig gives the skipper more choices of sail configuration. I can sail with just the jib and mizzen – that’s the little sail at the stern – or staysail and mizzen, or both jib, staysail and mizzen. It’s a very flexible sail plan.

The jib, that’s the most forward one, will be on a Harken 436 furler. The staysail, just forward of the main mast, will hank on to the forestay. There are quite a few changes to be made to facilitate all this, and I’m still learning about it. I’ll post in more detail when it actually happens.

4 thoughts on “Cutter rig

    • Hi Paul
      I do prefer the hanked on staysail; the luff remains ram rod straight and I can point higher. It’s the last sail I’d take down in a blow, and with a downhaul I can do it from the cockpit anyway. This system worked for me on the Cape Cutter 19, so I’ll transfer it to Lucy.

      And I wouldn’t dream of sending Nicky on the bow in a blow. That would be marriage over! 😉

      • Can you let me have more details about changing to cutter rig? I am contemplating buying a cornish yawl, most yawls have just one head sail, but I really prefer the cutter rig. Thanks.

      • Hi Bill
        I’ve got some drawings from Roger Dongray for the cutter sail plan. It’s easier to tell you about it that write about it. If you send me a phone number I’ll call you.

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