Lucy’s bottom

I’d heard on Friday that Lucy had been moved to the blasting area. She wasn’t going to be blown up, but she was going to have all of the red anti-foul blasted off, and the underside of the hull made good for the next stage of the process. It was planned to happen today, and I’m delighted to have received pictures from ace ‘on the spot’ reporter, Steve, to show how the team at Mylor Yacht Harbour got on.



The white spots are where the bilge keel was bolted though before the keel was added. Look carefully and you can make out where the keel box in the original moulding was, just by the propeller, and you can see that the rudder is made of timber. I’ll see if I can get a report from Henry tomorrow, and find out if they found anything nasty, or of this is entirely as expected.


2 thoughts on “Lucy’s bottom

  1. A really good idea to have the bottom stripped of anti foul as you have. I had mine done 3 years ago (after 11 years of gradual anti foul build up), and found an area of potentially serious de lamination covering about 40 cm *10 cm at the bottom of the keel. Fortunately it was a straightforward repair for a professional laminator, and the end result was impossible to spot. 3 years later it was holding up perfectly. There were also a couple of osmotic (smelling of vinegar) blisters, although there has been no reoccurence since then. These problems manifested themselves after a 4 year period in which to save money, I had twice left the boat in the water for a 22 month span. I did’nt feel that the hull was dry enough to go for epoxying and Copper Coat, so I have religiously had the boat out for at least 2 months each Spring.
    I hope Henry delivers better news in Lucy’s case.

    • It’s costing a fair bit of cash, but I want to launch her knowing everything is in good condition. She’s been out of the water and indoors since May this year at the very least, so having her bottom epoxy and Coppercoated should give me peace of mind for many years to come. Unless Henry has some bad news. My surveyor had scraped 20 areas for inspection, and said all was well.

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