Indoors for the storms

Storms are due to hit the Falmouth area tomorrow (Wednesday) for a few days, so I was delighted to receive some photos from Steve this morning. Lucy has been moved into the spray booth.

I’m not sure what the next phase is. Will they be doing the Awlgrip repairs to the black bits, or applying Gelshield to the bottom? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that I’m really pleased with the way she’s looking. The blasting seems to have gone very well, and the images below (with the previous name blanked out) show how clean the timber rudder and stern gear are.

shed2 shed1


2 thoughts on “Indoors for the storms

  1. She looks like new! How are you planning to coat the rudder? Having got it right back to bare wood, a long term epoxy treatment might be worthwhile. Several of us with Crabbers / Yawls have found that the bolts holding the rudder and rudder shoe can corrode badly within a year or two, unless care is taken to use A4 stainless. It will be worth checking while everything is clean and easy to inspect. The other thing I once had fail was the outrigger (not sure of the correct name) which holds the cutless bearing in place. It should last many years, but as mine had no bonding to the anode, I guess eventual failure was inevitable. I would be interested to know if yours is bonded, and if not, whether the yard recommend that you do so (and if so, how). By the way, the cutless bearing itself is normally good for several seasons.

  2. Hi Steve
    I can’t believe how good she looks. Hopefully I’ll speak to Henry at Mylor today to find out about the rudder. They were going to epoxy the hull, so I assume the rudder would be done, but seeing it as bare wood raises questions. The stainless all looked good before the blasting, so I’m quite comfortable with that, and the surveyor did mention bonding of the stern gear – so Mylor will look at that, and remedy if needed. I’ve ordered a new anode for the Featherstream prop, along with grease and grease nipple. It would be pointless to skimp on this job at this stage. I also ordered an inspection hatch for the cockpit sole yesterday. In for a penny, blah, blah.

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