Clean stern gear


After blasting at Mylor

I’m really chuffed at the condition of Lucy’s hull. This is a boat that was built in 1990, and has seen a lot of action – but look at it! The rudder is laminated timber – fitted 23 years ago. It could have been fitted last week. The stainless work has cleaned up a treat, and all of the bolts and nuts are present. The propeller is much newer, added in the last three years. It’s a 16″ Darglow Featherstream, which reduces drag by something like 90% compared to non-feathering props when sailing. It’s said to reduce a Channel crossing by something like four hours. It’s a beautiful piece of British engineering, but not at all cheap. The mangled bit on the end is an anode, designed to ‘dissolve’ in a sacrificial manner to protect the bronze propeller when electrical currents are present in the sea water. A new one has arrived today, and I’ll fit it next time I’m down there.

Just behind the propeller is a Rope Stripper, designed to cut ropes from lobster pots or other floating ropes before they get a chance to damage the prop. You can see it in more detail in the image below, which was taken when we first went to look at ‘Lucy’. You can see how well she’s scrubbed up. Great work by Mylor Yacht Harbour.


Prior to blasting

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