Rubbed down for Awlgrip


Starboard side rubbed down and prepared for respraying with Awlgrip

At some stage over the winter of 2008/9 Lucy’s topsides were painted with Awlgrip. It’s a superb finish, and for something so thin is actually very tough. However, it seems that in a previous life much time had been spent berthed ‘starboard side to’ on a pontoon mooring in Gosport, using small, stubby fenders. I’ve got quite a few pictures of her moored this way to prove it. The small, stubby fenders could have been over-inflated, and the inevitable movement has caused ‘fender rub’ in the Awlgrip, and in one or two place the primers could be seen. 
DSCN2321The guys at Mylor are regarded as some of the best in the UK at this type of work, so I’m hopeful of a top class job once the spraying is completed. It does look like there’s also quite a bit of historical damage to the starboard bow – probably caused by raising the anchor. I’m going to have to be careful about that in the future, as I won’t be able to afford to have this done again.

Needless to say, I won’t be using small, stubby fenders again. I’ve ordered some oversize cylindrical ones to keep her protected.


6 thoughts on “Rubbed down for Awlgrip

  1. I’m really impressed with how you, or should be the boat yard in Mylor, are cracking on with the work. On the subject of fenders, you’re absolutely right about investing in larger fenders. As you want to get the longest possible service out if your Awlgrip coating, it might also be worth buying Fendasox, or similar. They’re not cheap, but still much less tha a paint job!
    You’re probably right about the cause of the damage near the starboard bow. As you will soon find out, it is hellishly difficult to keep the sharp end of a CQR away from the boat’s gel coat in anything but absolutely perfect conditions!

  2. Cheers Steve. My new fenders arrived today – special order from Anchor Marine. I took the sizes from the Cornish Crabbers’ online shop – for the Crabber 24 and 26. I think they’re 32″ x 8″ diameter. I also got a big round one for springing off. Oh, and I went for black, which was the special order bit. I’ve decided against socks; there are loads of people saying that socks hold onto salt crystals and other dirt and become like scouring pads.

  3. Russell. I found fender socks very good when I used them. I did wash them at the end of the season. You can of course have a canvas sheet made to hang between the boat and the fenders, but I have no idea if that really works or is problematic. If you more a boat to tightly it will also increase rub. Also its worth using a really good hull polish each year with plenty of carnuba wax. It not only helps with chafe, but stops solar degradation. At this rate you will be in the water way before me….

  4. It’s a different World with Awlgrip, Simon. There’s quite a list of what you can, and can’t do with it. Fender socks is a no for the reason mentioned, as is waxing. It’s an ultra thin film, just a few microns thick. I know it’s going to get some knocks, but hopefully my knocks will be shared out all over the hull. The previous owner concentrated them in a few small areas, which needed seeing to. For 95% of the time Lucy will sit on a trot mooring, so there shouldn’t be an issue.

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