photo3The starboard topsides were sprayed with Awlgrip on Friday, and today the cameras were allowed in for the first time. You should easily be able to make out Steve in the reflection above. I’m guessing the Mylor team have done the expected first class job, as Steve’s words in his email to me were brief, “Wow!” Steve’s a fine judge of these matters, as I’ve posted a picture of his stunning Heard 28 at the foot of this blog. ‘Aeolus’ had just come out of Mylor’s paint shed after her own Awlgrip job.

Henry also sent some more images. These are below, but click on the image and you’ll get a full screen version.

DSCN2409 DSCN2410 DSCN2411She looks fabulous from 250 miles away, and I can’t wait to get down to Mylor sometime next week to see her for myself. But it’s not just the hull that’s been the recipient of TLC this week. The last time I was in Mylor I removed the timber thwarts and the companionway boards. None of them had seen any varnish for quite some time, and what was there was cracked and flaking, so I rubbed them all down with an orbital sander back to bare wood, then applied four coats of International Original varnish. I’m really pleased with how well these timbers came back after 23 years in use.

wood1 wood2 wood3 wood4And, as promised, below is Aeolus, Steve and Carole’s beautiful Heard 28.aeolusAnd just complete this post, below is a video of Awlgrip being applied to a superyacht in New Zealand.


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