Protected from the storm

I couldn’t help but feel a bit smug knowing that Lucy was indoors at Mylor when the great storm of October 2013 came through. Zephyr would usually have been indoors too, in the barn, so my mind did drift off from time to time thinking about how safe Lucy will be for the next storm – whenever that is. I won’t feel as smug then, as I’ll, no doubt, have to drive down to Saltash to check up on her, or maybe even move her into a marina for a few days.

There’s now going to be a few days of reasonable weather, so I’m heading down to Mylor tonight to press on. The Coppercoat, Awlgrip, boot top line and deck GRP repairs are all done. The new jib and staysail have been delivered to Mylor already, so I need to get cracking on the next phase. The car is on the drive, and completely rammed with just about every tool I have – just in case. I’m nervous about this phase, but very excited to see how well the team at Mylor Yacht Harbour have done their work. Take a look – she looks am-a-zing.

DSCN2538 DSCN2539


One thought on “Protected from the storm

  1. Beware, back in the big storm of 87 my friend’s brother thought he’d done the right thing by putting his car in the garage ahead of the storm, the garage blew down!

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