Good progress so far

After four days of activity on Lucy the ‘to-do-list’ is probably far longer now than I thought it was at the start. The lack of updates is due to me not having managed to be in a place with internet access, my iPhone and laptop all within range of wifi, or not that I’ve managed to get it all to work together.

In short, I’ve fitted the cockpit sole hatch and the shore power set-up. I’ve got a good understanding of the rest of the wiring, and tomorrow I should have installed the new Standard Horizon VHF/AIS combo and the Echopilot Bronze Trio. The latter is pretty complicated, and involves some interesting and creative burrowing into the bulkhead, of which I’ll post some pictures soon. One of the Mylor men made me a beautiful teak patress for it to sit in and on.

The stainless steel stem head fitting has been removed, disassembled and reassembled, and just needs re-fitting. It took an age to get it the right size, but it does look fantastic.

I’ve been all over the spars. The main mast has had its mast band removed, refitted and sealed. I also removed and refitted the cap, and replaced the VHF coax which was oddly routed on the outside of the mast above the mast band. I’ve decided that the mizzen mast needs rubbing back to bare wood and revarnishing. I may as well do it whilst I have the chance, and since I can work over the weekend it would be daft not to.

I’ll hopefully manage a photo update over the weekend, but in the meantime I think we’re on course to be launched on Wednesday or Thursday, followed by rigging.


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