Launch day

launchday1And so it arrived; launch day. Days of beavering about in the shed had to come to a halt at some stage, and Lucy was taken from the shed around 10am today. I had finished work on her the previous evening at around 10:15pm, but to use a regularly used phrase beloved of politicians, ‘there is still plenty to do’. I just hoped that we’d properly filled the holes in the hull.

launchday2The Mylor Yacht Harbour team are very professional, and within minutes of being out of the shed she was slung below the crane and manoeuvred to the launch area. A quite substantial time out of the water was due to end within minutes.

launchday3 launchday5Without recourse to start the engine Lucy was expertly moved to the rigging pontoon, where her new somewhat oversized black fenders were pressed into action to protect the new Awlgrip.

launchday6With Lucy alongside, Dan and Will of, Mylor Rigging and Chandlery, set about preparing the mast before swinging it over the quay and into the tabernacle. This was quite complicated, as the change to cutter rig meant quite a few changes. We had new strops, blocks with and without beckets, and halyards. Some old lines were re-tasked to new jobs, and all of this needed to be set up properly, as once rigged there will be little chance to rectify any mistakes.

launchday7 launchday8It fell to Will to be slung by the crane to fit the VHF antenna to the main mast, and to check the new forestays once the mast was located. Darkness descended soon after, and, unfinished, Lucy remained on the rigging pontoon for the night. 




3 thoughts on “Launch day

  1. What impressive progress! Setting up the rig is always a puzzle, and I’m not surprised that it was’nt finished today.

    Good luck tomorrow.


    • String, toilets, heaters; the list goes on and on and on. So many things to learn about. I’ve done a lot of rewiring today, and wired up a spare vhf antenna on the mizzen mast. There’s bloody rope everywhere!!

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