Log: 9/11/13 – In search of diesel


Heading out towards Falmouth Bay

By now Lucy had been afloat for over two days whilst I carried on with fitting electronic kit and more rigging. I added port and starboard midships cleats and managed to get the Garmin chartplotter talking to the Standard Horizon VHF so that it knows the GPS co-ordinates. For peace of mind I also had one of the Mylor engineers check over the engine. It turned out that he was the last person to service it back in April 2012, after which it had hardly any hours. The coolant levels were spot on, as were the gearbox and engine oils. The engine oil was clean – a clear sign that it hadn’t been used. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how much fuel there is in the tank, and in winter it’s best to keep the tank full – so I needed to get some.


You’ve got to love winter

These engines don’t really use a lot of fuel. The Beta info sheet reckons that it should use a litre per hour. I guessed there would be a reasonable amount, so set off a dual mission to find fuel the long way round, so as to give the batteries some much needed charging.

The showers had passed and the sun shone through broken clouds as we motored south along Carrick Roads, skirting Black Rock and out into Falmouth Bay to look at the big ships at anchor. We probably went half way to Helford before heading back and swinging into Falmouth. I filled the tank and spare can at a cost of £22, then went to play at picking up moorings a little further on towards Penryn. It was a little too windy, so I gave up and motored back to Mylor. There were loads of moorings to pick from, so I went for one in loads of space, and got it first time.

By now it was lunchtime, so I made tea, and then tested the oven out by cooking my well travelled Aldi steak and kidney pie. I think it went everywhere with Zephyr for two years at least! And it was really nice.




2 thoughts on “Log: 9/11/13 – In search of diesel

  1. Hi Russel
    Excellent blog – well done. If you venture up to Malpas you will find CY10 Annabelle on V1 visitor’s mooring, where we hope she will be comfortable for the winter. Are you going to stay afloat all winter? We did the Mylor/Carrick Roads thing a couple of years ago when we had a ‘winter deal’ from Mylor and stayed on the pontoon for the whole winter, connected up to shore power. Those pontoons are dodgy with ice on them! I sailed single-handed in October, November, December and January (usually only one day each month), but always a lovely sunny balmy day. Pasty in the oven – what more do you want?
    Have you tried a ‘lazy reef’ yet? If the wind is fresh-ish, don’t even bother to get the mainsail up, you will find she goes very well on headsail(s) and mizzen. Easy life! Enjoy.
    Brian & Estelle

    • Hi Brian
      I’m pretty sure we’re going to stay at Mylor, until April at least. I’ll be down as often as I can, and Nicky and I are talking about being down on Lucy over New Year. We certainly plan to be down to sail for at least one long weekend each month.

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