Log: 18/11/13 – First sail


Heading out over Carrick Roads

After another busy morning faffing about with new sails and plenty of rope there was just enough time to get out for a quick sail. There had been no wind earlier, and I could see from Windguru that change was coming. It had been months coming, so I just had to do it – I had to go sailing with Lucy, before heading home.

I raised the mizzen in the berth, as it would be one less task later. Once beyond the fairway I headed to wind and raised the full main, came back onto the wind and then let the jib unfurl. We were in neutral, yet moving quite nicely – we were sailing! I silenced the Beta, and enjoyed that most sought after of moments when it’s just the sound of a sailing boat on water. If you’ve not experienced it, beware; it has the capacity to cost you a lot of money. It’s addictive.

It was just Lucy, me, and a handful of the Mylor oyster fleet on the water. I had plenty of room, but not much time, after just 40 minutes it was engine on, sails away and back to the berth. It had been worth it, even though I’d still not managed to get the staysail working this time.

The new sails were made in Lymington by Sanders Sails. A tan staysail and a cream jib – and both with the attractive mitre cut. I just had to get both out on the pontoon for a look.

nov1 nov2 nov3


5 thoughts on “Log: 18/11/13 – First sail

  1. The new headsails look lovely, and I rather like how the tan and cream sail cloths work together. Sanders have a very good reputation among sailors on the West Solent, so they should serve you very well. Mine, made by Arun/Rockall of Bosham, are cross cut rather than mitre cut – the option was’nt something I was aware of at the time of ordering. I must do some homework to find out if there are any pros and cons of the two processes.


    • Thanks Steve. The issue I had was that we were no longer able to obtain the fabric used by SKB Sails in the main and mizzen from 2009, so we were always going to have a contrast. Therefore, I decided to really go for it on the contrast front and have a cream jib. I went to Lymington and we made up a colour palette to help us select the best option. I really believe it was worth the effort.

  2. Russell congrats looks good, Pete Saunders cuts great sails. Sitting in a Premier inn in Lancs so picking up tomorrow! Sadly straight to the barn to do the instruments, name and sprayhood so won’t feel saltwater for a while.”

  3. She looks fine again, you have done a wonderful job sorting out all the string. However a beware; that mizzen can cause lots of problems on its own. I never hoisted it until I was clear of the marina, I fitted the highfield lever to make setting the mizzen easy.


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