Table modifications

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 19.23.41

How it was. We found that it took up too much space.

The standard table was a one piece affair which could be removed and taken up into the cockpit. It was soundly constructed of quality plywood with teak veneer and teak fiddles – these are the upstands to prevent items sliding off. From what I’ve learned, Mike, the original owner, had the table converted into drop leaf. We found this quite restrictive with the leaves dropped, as we weren’t able to sit at it. When my dad and I spent a few days on Lucy in November we actually removed the table completely after a couple of days as we felt it just took up too much space. It needed to be smaller.

I took it to my local joinery shop and had it cut down so that I could make it ‘top leaf’ instead of drop leaf. I bought some quite expensive brass counter flap hinges, and it all shaped up pretty well. For the most part we will have the new reduced table folded, with the fiddles uppermost. Only when we want to eat, and that’s just two of us, will we need to fold it flat – and there’s just enough room for a couple of places to be set.

Nicky and I tried the new format for a few days over New Year, and can report that it worked very well indeed. It’s now back at home, and I’ve got a few weeks to get it all rubbed down and varnished before the next trip to Mylor.

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2 thoughts on “Table modifications

  1. I really like what you’ve done here. If the original table was the same size as mine, it is great for seating 4 people down to a meal, although actually getting peoples’ legs underneath is a challenge. As we never eat in the cabin (snacks excluded) it is oversized. Yours looks much more in keeping with those fitted in the newer boats in the range.


    • I would have thought that tables would have been the same size. The reduction in size made a massive difference to life below in the cabin. I’m in the middle of the varnishing stage just now, but hope to have it finished for next weekend away.

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