Tender plans

enpplansThe plans arrived today for Lucy’s tender – we’re going to make it ourselves.

Despite already having an Avon 7 inflatable we wanted to have something which Nicky and Tony would feel safer in. This would mean a wooden tender, and since space could be an issue on board and at home we went for a nesting one. The Eastport Nesting Pram is very clever indeed, as the video below shows. We’ve never built a boat before, so the first job is to read, and then read again, the substantial instruction manual. Ours will just be a tender – we won’t be making it for sailing. Look out for updates as the job gets underway soon. It needs to be finished for the end of March, when Lucy moves out of the marina and onto a mooring.



4 thoughts on “Tender plans

  1. I don’t think you would ever regret building the sailing version, even if you don’t initially rig it. Happiness is sailing around your evenings mooring exploring the wider area in a small dinghy 🙂

  2. Not convinced about the nervous sailors feeling safer in the wooden dinghy. Much nicer to row, but they tend to be tippy and disconcerting to newcomers whereas an inflatable sits flat on top of the water and doesn’t really heel unless you abuse it.

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