Four days


Some people spent the weekend stuffing their faces with chocolate, some went to church, but we went to spend four days aboard Lucy. The weather had been fabulous for the week running up to it, with high pressure dominating the UK and putting us all in a good mood – but would it last? Er, … no. We left home just after 04:30 on Friday, and were at Asda in Penryn for victualling within 4 hours.

This was our first visit to Lucy since she was moved to her mooring, so we took the water taxi out to her, made good fenders and warps and bought her round onto the east pontoon, where she sat resplendent in the sunshine.

IMG_2313Nicky organised the food into nets, shelves and cupboards whilst I set about configuring the new foresail sheeting arrangements. I’d decided previously that the Tufnol cleats weren’t for me, so they were removed and replaced with an assortment of Barton cheek blocks, cam cleats and fidle swivels. It didn’t take too long, even at a lazy pace, and afterwards we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine on our new boat in our new holiday getaway playground. It was blissful.

IMG_2321As mooring holders we were allowed to take an inner berth on one of the finger pontoons if we prefer, and since the weather was due to give us stiff easterlies we took that option, but not before we motored over to take a look at St Mawes -one of our favourite places. It was still quite sunny, and St Mawes looked fabulous after a hell of a battering in the storms. The quay wall has to be rebuilt, the Idle Rocks needed the ground floor completely refurbished, and one little cottage close to the water looked like it had been rebuilt. It would have taken a severe hammering. In the evening we treated ourselves to a Castaways supper.


Sunday was bright and sunny, and we went sailing. For the first time we tried just the jib and mizzen, that’s the front most and rear most sails to you, and we made a fantastic 5 knots with little heel. Nicky doesn’t like heel, or tipping as she calls it. So 5 knots without heeling is good news! We wanted to get to St Mawes, anchor, then get the water taxi ashore and go for a walk, but it looked to rough to stay so we turned tail and sailed back north to St Just, where we snuggled in amongst the other boats at anchor. This is where we are in the first picture, taken by Steve from his beautiful Heard 28. We stayed put for hours. Nicky prepared lunch, then read her book. I ate lunch, then made a mooring strop. The sun shone but it remained cold, as you can see from what Nicky wrapped herself up in. That evening we walked along Church Lane to the Lemon Arms in Mylor Bridge for a drink.

IMG_2314The next couple of days were disappointing as weather goes. We went for a lovely walk on Sunday, from Mylor to Flushing and up over the hill back to Mylor cafe, at which point it lashed it down for the rest of the day. We spent a lot of time on Lucy, just relaxing; floating caravanning. Monday dawned a little drier, but still breezy. We had a lazy morning packing up before driving over to Falmouth for a look in the shops. Nicky bought more books, we joined the masses in Trago, and we bought pasties which were eaten overlooking the harbour. Then we had to think about home.

Before we could leave we needed to refuel Lucy and put her back on the mooring. As reluctant crews go I have to say that Nicky was very good. We slipped the finger pontoon, came alongside the fuel pontoon, slipped that after fuelling and then she managed to pick up the mooring buoy on the second pass. I was very impressed. Then we set off for home, after supper with friends in Mylor.

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