Cape Cutter 19 Week – Mylor

'Sapphire' in Gerrans Bay

‘Sapphire’ in Gerrans Bay

This time last year I was a committed Cape Cutter 19 owner, and desperate to see continued growth in numbers of this spectacular little yacht. To that end I’d volunteered to organise the first International Cape Cutter 19 Week over Whit week. It was going to be based in Chichester Harbour, and include sailing in and around the Solent. That was then.

Since then my wonderful wife suggested we get a bigger boat, and Zephyr was sold to make room in our lives for Lucy. It also presented a problem in that Lucy was in Mylor, and Chichester is a long way away – certainly too far to sail there and back. I raised the issue with the class association, and they promptly agreed that we should move the event to Mylor, since no-one else seemed to be that keen to take in on.

So, here I was, in Mylor, in my Cornish Yawl, acting as ‘mothership’ to five Cape Cutter 19’s. We all arrived on Saturday 24th May, and that’s all apart from Richard with Nettie, as they were local. Rigging was fun, especially since one boat was literally brand new and straight from the Rochdale factory. It came with all new ropes and blocks in boxes, and with a mast missing a top bolt for the throat and genoa halyard blocks. We had to drill the new mast and rig up something temporary to get Sapphire afloat.

Anchored in Robin''s Cove on the Helford river

Anchored in Robin”s Cove on the Helford river

We had a good week, despite mixed weather, and included sails to Helford, St Mawes, Gerrans Bay and up the Fal. We took part in a Mylor Yacht Club drifting race, and enjoyed a fabulous class meal in Castaways and talk from the class President, Mike Brooke the following night. It was judged to have been a great success, and the class is now busy surveying the membership to establish where they would like to go in 2015. I doubt that I’ll be there with Lucy though, as I really must move on.

Apologies for messing up the intro to the video, but it then shows Sapphire racing Mary Ann, then Fraoch, then Sapphire again on the day we nearly made it over to the Manacles buoy with her and Aurora.

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