Log: 7/6/14 – Fowey for the weekend

After a great Cape Cutter 19 Week I stayed in Mylor and got down to doing my day job afloat. I’m able to use my laptop tethered to my iPhone for Internet access, and with good Three coverage coped quite well. The weather was mixed, with showers and building southerly winds. My long time friend, Mark, a former Laser 2000 owner, came to join me on Thursday evening for the weekend.

By Friday we had very strong easterly winds which kept us in Mylor for the day, but in the evening we joined another friend, Steve of the lovely Heard 28 ‘Aeolus”, to pop into Falmouth for a pub crawl with others from the YBW forum. We were all due to sail to Fowey the next day, so meeting up beforehand seemed to make sense.

Mark helms towards Fowey

Mark helms towards Fowey

Saturday arrived after a night of F6 southerlies, so the sea was quite lumpy. South isn’t a¬†favourable direction, but at least we would have the wind on the beam at the very least. We left Black Rock at 10:30, hoping for slack water at the Dodman, a huge headland with overfalls. We arrived at slack water, but it was still lumpy anyway. We changed course by 10 degrees or so towards Fowey, and made good time with some surfing and throwing up from the skipper. It wasn’t a pleasant sea state, but despite it being very lumpy at the entrance we managed to sail in with just a couple of gybes to get the line right. Inside, we had to avoid a few race fleets, but it was now a much calmer sea state and sail dropping was sorted and we were alongside the Prime Cellars pontoon soon afterwards.

There followed a sort of pontoon party, followed by food and drink at Gallants, followed by the worst RNLI raffle of all time, followed by a trip to see Lucy’s Myor neighbours, Hooked, perform a rock set in a pub. Then it was a noisy, lumpy night trying to sleep as the strong southerly wind kept the swell coming in.


A YBW pontoon party underway

We had to head back on Sunday, but waited as late as we could to see if the wind would drop. It did a little, but not much. We smashed through the waves at the entrance, tacked a couple of times to get a good angle, and then motorsailed all the way to the Dodman. The course from there to Falmouth was more favourable, so we sailed the rest of the way. It wasn’t pleasant, and seemed to have been throwing up for most of the way. It was with some relief when we turned into Carrick Roads and the swell lessened substantially. That last couple of miles to Mylor were lovely – the best of the whole trip.


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