Bow stickers


When Lucy was reborn we had to remove her original Cornish Yawl stickers so that the starboard side could be repainted. At the time I was uncertain as to what to do; should I have ‘Lucy’, ‘Cornish Yawl’, or just leave it all blank. Obviously, leaving it blank was the place to begin, but I soon found me thinking that it needed something. I also came to realise that I’d like her to display her Cornish Crabber heritage, so I ordered some Cornish Yawl logos in the house font, to be displayed as the current model range. The silver colour matches the ‘Lucy’ ‘Mylor’ names on the stern, and looks fantastic.

She now looks so smart that twice, on our recent holiday, people asked me if the yawl was a new Crabbers’ model. They haven’t been built since 1994, and Lucy was built in 1989!


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