Parents’ week – 19th to 26th July


Lucy heading back to Mylor from Helford

What’s the point of having a floating caravan if you can’t let your parents use it? That was my thought anyway, so on the day after Nicky and Sye cycled to Mylor my parents, Iris and Tony, arrived to join us. The plan was that Lucy would be moored alongside the eastern pontoon for the week, and the forecast for the week ahead was simply stunning. Regular readers will know that Tony has been with me a few times, but this was Iris’s first time, so she was really excited to see Lucy. On that Saturday I took them for a quick spin to see Falmouth and St Mawes, under engine, and then, later, we pretty much left them to it for the week and set off for home.

For day after day the sun shone and the temperatures rose into the high 20’s and occasional 30 degrees centigrade. This exceptional weather bought out many other boat owners, and Mylor Yacht Harbour buzzed for the week. They had a constant stream of people walking by to and from their own vessels, and many would stop to chat. They were able to make quite a few friends, Pam and John from the east coast with their Merry Fisher, and Tom, who has sailed his lovely boat, Cape Doctor, over fro the USA. Each day we would spy on Iris and Tony via the webcam to make sure they hadn’t taken Lucy out for a crafty sail <joke>, but would often see them chatting to other people on the pontoon. In addition, they went for walks, and took a drive over the King Harry Ferry to St Just and St Mawes before heading back via Truro.


Iris during her week in the Mylor sunshine

Then Saturday 26th arrived, and Nicky and I were back for our own holiday, but not before we’d spend the day with them, and taken Lucy out sailing. We had a really nice NW breeze, so we set out into Falmouth bay. So good were the conditions that we continued to the Helford River, where we anchored in Robbin Cove for a while. Also out in the bay were my friends Kev and Steve, AKA the ‘Cornish Chuckle Brothers’. They came to meet up and rafted alongside for a while.

Time was getting on, and we’d already overstayed against schedule. Iris and Tony needed to get home, so we set off for Mylor, with Kev and Steve alongside in Whitecap. Kev took some superb pictures of Lucy under sail, and I’ll add a gallery of them at some stage. Mom and dad had experience the area at it’s best for a week, and the sail home didn’t disappoint. Dad seemed to spend most of it forward of the cockpit, taking it all in, and, no doubt, pondering when he could come down and see Lucy again.


Tony, looking totally chilled and at home on Lucy



Lucy heads towards Pendennis Castle. Thanks for that KevO



2 thoughts on “Parents’ week – 19th to 26th July

  1. Thanks Russ,It certainly was a relaxing week.No two hour wait at the airport,no check in and no hand baggage check,bliss.I was worried at first if Iris would sleep alright with the movement of the boat but she was ok,i think I must get a water bed.Here’s to the next time.

  2. I had to have another look,she certainly looks great under full sail heeled over a little .As one of the Falmouth chuckle brothers said through his megaphone so all the world could hear,you have a lovely boat there Russell.


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