Cornish Yawl brochure – from 1988

I’ve added a page to the ‘CY Info’ section of the blog on which you’ll see the original Cornish Yawl brochure.

Click here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 19.54.54


2 thoughts on “Cornish Yawl brochure – from 1988

  1. Brings back memories. Peter’s wife Hannah lives not far from me and we meet from time to time. Their son Daniel is in one of the pictures. I last saw Peter’s Yawl Hannah in LaTrinite some years ago and looking well cared for. I was there a year ago and she had gone, I wonder where to. There are Cornish Crabber boats scattered about South Brittany.

    I have a picture of three of the Cornish Crabber boats together near the St Anthony lighthouse. There is Peter and Hannah in a 17, Phil Crook in his Shrimper and me in Susanne. It was taken by one of the magazine photographers and I think used in an article. Peter took photgraphs in the RAF and the magazine guys treated him as an equal. I remember that to keep the boats in line and to have full sails my engine was going full speed in reverse.



    • Thanks for that Mike. It’s great that you keep adding bits to the knowledge base. I’m hoping to take Lucy over to Brest, Crozon peninsular and Duarnenez next summer. I’ll keep on the lookout for Hannah and any other Crabbers.

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