Cornish Yawl Facebook group

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Quite a few Cornish Yawls have changed hands recently, and the new owners seem very keen to join in with a renaissance of these lovely boats. To enable sharing of knowledge of the Cornish Yawl I’ve set up an open Facebook Group at You do need a Facebook account to join, but so many people do have them that this should be fine for most people.

If you own a Cornish Yawl, desire a Cornish Yawl, crew on a Cornish Yawl, or just like the Cornish Yawl, please join the group and join in. Post photos of your boat, your mooring, your favourite anchorage, etc. Feel free to use the group to arrange meetings, discuss issues and solutions, buy, sell and swap.


2 thoughts on “Cornish Yawl Facebook group

  1. Hi Russ, Good idea to try this format. You might like to update the spreadsheet: Annabelle CY10 now has a Beta20 engine. At the moment I am looking for a new mainmast. Anybody got a spare?! Or had a new one made and can give a recommendation as to best manufacturer etc?
    Yawl have a good time now.
    Brian Budden

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