Ensign crane


I’ve never been a fan of flying the ensign from a staff raised up the mizzen; for a start, it always felt clumsy, and the ensign itself would always get tangled in the spare antenna and hide the stern light. I’d seen alternatives out and about on the water, as sort of crane affair which looked much more user friendly. If I couldn’t get one I’d need to get one made.

I’d seen something approaching what I needed on CY42 Merlyn, based in the Netherlands. Her owner was kind enough to send me some pictures from which I did my own design, above. I also spoke to Collars Masts and Spars, and they were able to confirm the mizzen diameter. I drew it up on the whiteboard and sent it to Seaweld Fabrications in Mylor. They made it in stainless steel, and Mylor Rigging fitted it. Sorted. I think it works very well. It’s certainly far less of a faff to raise and lower the ensign now.

crane3 crane2 crane1


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