New steps – coming soon!

It’s been quite a while since anything material has happened. We’ve been busily enjoying Lucy through the summer, with many trips to Helford, St Mawes, Ruan, and even a trip to Tesco in Truro. We’ve been having a ball. During time aboard I keep finding new projects to do, and one that’s been on my mind is to replace the original companionway steps – for a few reasons.

Firstly, the bottom step has developed stress fractures. The steps are a GRP arrangement, and 25 years of people jumping on them has had some effect. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that most of the damage has occurred in the last two years though, as I do tend to jump about more than most. There’s now a weakness which needs rectifying before there’s a complete failure. Secondly, the huge rise height between the treads and threshold are too much for Tony, and that’s not going to get any better. We need to reduce the rise height by adding more treads, and the current arrangement wouldn’t allow me to.

I’m left with complete replacement, so that means a new engine cover and a ladder. I’ve roughed out a mock-up and it looks pretty good. There’s a lot more to do yet, but I thought I’d post a few pictures to show the progress and solicit ideas.


Original steps. Ignore my hand.


Mock up of engine cover. This will be made in teak faced marine ply, and backed with sound insulating board.


We now have four steps. These will ultimately be made in hardwood of slimmer section, and the strings [side bits] will be about 5 inches wide. The final version will also run down to the sloping area of the cabin sole. The top will be held with cabin hooks.


I purposely wanted step 3 to be level with the engine cover, as that area is useful, and we need easy access to the panel behind. I’m going to replace the panel behind it at some stage with one which is bottom hinged to drop forward for easy access to wiring.


4 thoughts on “New steps – coming soon!

  1. Looks good. I think the original shape had something to do with the engines that were fitted. The two cylinder one may have come back a bit. When Lucy was Susanne she always liked a visit to the Manacles Buoy and if it was a nice day  then round to Coverack to have lunch at anchor. Another spot for a lunch time stop was St Anthony  on the left of Helford. Watched Falmouth week one day and remembered that one year we had 6 Yawls racing. Mike

    • Great to hear from you Mike. I’m down this weekend if you’re around. She’s been to the Manacles Buoy, and we were up Gillan Creek only last week. Coverack is still a target, but we did get to Mevagissey in July. In July we also managed a shopping trip to Tesco in Truro. We saw Greta CY1 at the end of Falmouth Week, and it looked like she’d been racing as was without ensign. We’re having great fun with her.

  2. Looks good, very good – I think the only suggestion I would make would be to make the actual steps deeper so that stand proud of the side bits/stringers?? It’s not clear from the picture what the angle of the steps are, just thinking about making it easier to find each step going down when facing forward….

    • Cheers Steve. I’m toying with the idea of alternately shaped treads to accentuate them for forwards descent. The pattern is just that, the timber sizing is far too large, so might skew what I’m doing.

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