Two years in, and warm ‘winter’ sailing.

I’ve been reminded that it’s been two years ago this week since Lucy emerged from the Mylor paint shed to be lowered into both the harbour and her new life. I’ll apologise now for the fact that the blog hasn’t reported all that’s happened, and promise that I’ll try to do better from now on.

She’s now in her winter berth at Mylor Harbour, and at the same time there are a number of projects underway. You know about the companionway steps, well, in addition to that, the chart table has been removed and will be replaced with a unit to house a 20l 12v drawer fridge and more storage. The teak faced ply chart table has gone, and will be replace with something new. I’m considering Corian, but might be something else yet as cost is a something I need to control. Sections of the old chart table may make a comeback as something else, as I don’t like waste.

On Nov 1st I had a superb single handed sail to the Manacles and back – an 18 mile round trip. We left Mylor and Falmouth in lovely sunshine and 16 Celcius, but once east of August rock and Helford we hit fog. Thick fog. It was quite eerie, and there were anchored ships to steer through, but it all went without a hitch, although the crew of one were confused to see us head south just 100m off their stern, only to sail the same path north less than 30 minutes later. You’ll see from the video that we had the wind on the beam and therefore speeds of 6kts.


Heading north out of the fog


Reece stripping out


Chart table removed, creating space for the new creation.


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