CY Info

Forty-five Cornish Yawls were built in Rock, Cornwall, by Cornish Crabbers, between 1989 and 1994. There were a handful of variants, the main ones being either long keel with bilge plates, or lifting centre plate. Some later models were cutters rather than single headsail, and came with retractable bowsprits.

The price of a new Cornish Yawl back then was around £28,000. They were substantially built, with heavy lay up of GRP, quality spars and rigging, and comfortable accommodation. Not many boats of their size came with a gimballed oven.

Today, they represent incredible value for money, and it’s possible to acquire one for less than £20,000. The Cornish Yawl was superseded by the Cornish Crabber 24, which is based on the same hull. A fully specified one costs upwards of £110,000 today  – and you don’t get the oven! If you’re looking for a rock solid, high quality, traditional boat for reasonable money, look no further.


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